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Spiral Welded Filter Tube

spiral welded filter tube is also called Sand Control Screen.

Product performance and features:
1. Unique design of filter ring
2. With side opening exterior protection cover (optional)
3. Center tube unique spiral pattern
4. Excellent corrosion-resisting
5. Easy for installation, less work time

Application Scope of The Products:
Sand screen can be used for vertical wells, the inclined shaft, horizontal wells and various gas, oil and water wells. Can be used individually as sand control tube, also can be used together with filling.

From the inside to the outside, the screen is made with the composite sand filtration kits, stainless steel protection kits and other components. The basic tube is API casing or tubing, sand control filters are stainless steel precision porous filter composite materials, made of the whole welded structure. Because of high penetration, high-intensity, high resistance to deformation, high reliability, good corrosion resistance, the new type of sand control screen has excellent performance property.

Spiral welded filter tube
Spiral welded filter tube-1
Spiral welded filter tube
Spiral welded filter tube-2
Spiral welded filter tube
Spiral welded filter tube-3
Spiral welded filter tube
Spiral welded filter tube-4

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